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Sunwise Recommend Alpha Travel Insurance

The right policy for your needs is important, whether you are naturally fit and healthy or with minor or significant health problems. Alpha policy documents do not contain health information provided by you to calculate your premium.

Your information is kept private and protected.


Alpha currently have four travel insurance products to choose from;


  • Sunwise - Alpha Single Trip policy. Available for trips up to 31 days in duration, an Alpha Single Trip policy is perfect for many standard trips including a Summer holiday, romantic getaway or short break.


  • Sunwise - Alpha Multi Trip policy. If you make two or more trips within a 12 month period, an Alpha Multi Trip policy is the most cost-effective way to buy travel insurance. Cover is provided for 365 days of the year and allows you to make an unlimited number of trips, provided each one lasts no longer than 31 days. You can choose to have your Multi Trip policy with or without 17 days of ski cover by purchasing our winter sports extension.


  • Sunwise - Alpha Longstay policy is the ideal choice if you're planning a gap year, sabbatical or extended trip abroad. Cover is available for up to 24 months and includes two 21 day return trips home as standard.


  • Sunwise - Alpha Wintersports is a specialist policy for Winter based activities such as skiing and snowboarding, that provides cover for hired or owned equipment, lost or stolen lift passes and much more. Great for those who are looking for adrenaline and adventure combined with peace of mind.


You can save money on your policy by deciding how much you want to contribute to any claim that you make (this is known in insurance jargon as the policy excess). Whichever product option you choose, Alpha Travel Insurance provides the same cover levels regardless of your policy excess. The more you are prepared to contribute, the lower your premium becomes.

Depending on your choice of excess, either £250, £150, £100, £60 or £50 or £0, each product is then divided in to three appropriately named categories - Alpha 250, Alpha 150, Alpha 100, Alpha 60, Alpha 50 or Alpha Zero.

We believe that this is a much fairer way to help you decide which policy to purchase, because you know that your cover levels will remain unchanged. There have been too many stories of travelers getting in to trouble and discovering that the 'cheap' premium they have paid has left them without a valuable element of cover.

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